Whitby Jet Inlaid Wedding Rings

whitby jet inlaid wedding rings

What is Whitby Jet?

Whitby Jet is a form of fossilised wood that comes from the ancient Araucaria trees. These trees existed around 180 million years ago during the Jurassic era and are now found along the North Yorkshire Coast. A flash flood caused sweeping debris that resulted in the Araucaria trees becoming waterlogged and sinking into the seabed. These trees then went through a process called fossilisation which caused them to turn into Jet Stone. Whitby Jet has a hardness of 3.5-4 on the Mohs scale making it very light which is perfect for jewellery. It is also extremely durable and will hold up to the wear and tear of being worn every day. Whitby Jet is known for its deep black colour and smooth appearance and was a known as ‘black diamond’ in the Victorian times.

Throughout history, Whitby Jet was thought to contain magical powers. A static charge is created when the stone is rubbed which can attract small debris. This made people believe that the stone held magical capabilities and was worn for protection from negative thoughts and evil. It is now better known for its positive impact on the mind and body as well as improving wealth, health, and love.

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What are inlaid wedding rings?

Inlaid refers to the style of the ring. A precious stone, wood, or alternative material is shaped to fit and placed within a ‘cut-out’ known as the "inlay" on the ring's surface. Inlaid wedding rings can incorporate a wide range of materials such as valuable gemstones, wood, metals, or even carbon fibre can be placed within metals such as gold or tungsten. This design is very popular with both conventional and contemporary couples and makes for a comfortable ring for everyday wear. This technique creates a visually appealing contrast between the main ring and the inlaid material, adding an intricate and personalised touch to the ring's design.

These rings are popular choices for people who want a unique piece of jewellery. They can symbolise personal connections, special moments, or shared interests between the couple by adding material such as sand from the beach they first met at or even a matching favourite colour between the couple. This makes it a more meaningful and cherished piece of jewellery. At Yorkshire Jewellery Company, we create personalised jewellery that matches your style. Learn more about bespoke jewellery online or visit us in-store for more information.  

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Whitby Jet inlaid wedding rings

Whitby Jet wedding rings incorporate a fusion of history, elegance, and sentimentality. Each ring is designed and carved to perfectly house the Whitby Jet inlay. This results in a stunning contrast between the dark, lustrous Whitby Jet and the precious metal of the ring creating a visually striking effect. The history of the Whitby Jet signifies endurance and the passage of time, like the journey of a married couple and the rare nature of Whitby Jet makes each piece unique, reflecting the individuality of the couple. Moreover, the inlay process symbolises the coming together of two distinct elements, just as two individuals unite in marriage. Couples who choose Whitby Jet inlaid wedding rings are drawn to the blend of ancient history and contemporary design, creating a timeless piece that will remain an heirloom for generations. The connection to nature and history lends an additional layer of meaning, reminding couples of the strength, endurance, and beauty of their relationship. Whitby Jet jewellery can be even more significant for North Yorkshire locals, visitors to the area, and couples getting engaged or married in and around Whitby. Our Whitby Jet inlaid wedding rings are made in-house in our own workshops and the Jet is collected by members of the Yorkshire Jewellery Company family from local beaches across the north-east coastline. 

whitby jet inlaid rings

Our range includes half or full set inlaid rings, 9ct or 18ct inlaid rings and diamond set inlaid rings on either rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold rings. Alternatively, if you would like something outside of our core offering of products, we can create jewellery custom to you through our bespoke service.  

Are inlaid wedding rings durable?

Rings featuring an inlay are extremely durable when cared for properly. While the inlaid materials can be softer than metal, it maintains its integrity when crafted and finished inside the ring. As a result the rings are resistant to small knocks and low levels of moisture just like any ring. However, to ensure the ring will last a long time, it's advisable to remove the ring when participating in activities that involve prolonged exposure to water. Each ring is individually crafted from hand-chosen exquisite Whitby Jet, with high attention to detail ensuring reinforced strength and durability while showcasing the captivating colour of the stone.

How to care for inlaid wedding rings?

Preventing damage to an inlaid wedding ring is most effectively achieved through preventative care. Taking off your jewellery before partaking in activities like showering, swimming, or washing dishes. This will minimise exposure to chemicals and reduce the chances of a chemical reaction and or discolouration on your ring. It is recommended that jewellery should be placed in a soft-lined case when it is not being worn. This will protect it from any scratches or knocks from being placed on a hard surface. It is also advisable to take off any jewellery while performing manual tasks or participating in sports. This will reduce the risk of subjecting your ring to sudden shocks which will help maintain its pristine condition.

Whitby Jet inlaid wedding rings at Yorkshire Jewellery Company

Our handcrafted jewellery holds both historical significance and undeniable beauty making it the perfect gift. Explore our whole range of Whitby Jet jewellery or browse our range of rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold Whitby Jet inlaid wedding rings online or feel free to visit us in-store.

Wedding Ring Builder

inlaid wedding rings

Additional to our inlaid Whitby Jet collection, If you’re looking for something unique, you can custom-build your dream wedding ring with other materials with our ring builder. We guide you through your wedding ring design with our intuitive ring builder tool. Choosing from the style, metal, gems, design, and shape of your ring allows you to be in complete control of the jewellery for your special day. This tool gives you the ability to design your own two-colour wedding ring to the style, design, and pattern you want.

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