Diamond Shapes Guide

At Yorkshire Jewellery Co, we offer a magnificent collection of diamonds that come in a plethora of shapes and sizes. We take great pride in our diverse range of designs, ensuring there is something for every preference. When searching for an engagement ring, one of the primary factors to consider is the shape of the diamond or gemstone. This decision plays a vital role in determining the overall appearance of the ring and, combined with the 4C's (cut, color, clarity, and carat weight), holds significant importance. In the guide below, we will explore the most popular diamond shapes, providing you with valuable insights to guide your engagement ring shopping journey.


The Round, or Brilliant cut, is the most widely favoured diamond shape. Its timeless and classic appearance, combined with its expertly crafted facets, maximizes the dispersion of light, resulting in a stunning sparkle.


The Oval shape is a contemporary choice that flatters most finger shapes. With its symmetrical and elongated cut, this shape creates the illusion of a larger diamond for its carat weight, while maintaining an elegant and classic style.


The Cushion shape features a square or rectangular silhouette with rounded corners, making it a versatile option for various ring settings. The larger facets of this shape create flashes of light rather than the traditional sparkle of a Brilliant cut diamond.


Similar to the Cushion shape, the Princess cut is square in appearance but with cleaner and more modern lines. As the second most popular shape, its symmetry and contemporary feel make it a preferred choice for many.


Radiant diamonds showcase a rectangular silhouette with trimmed corners, combining the elegance of an emerald cut with the sparkle of a Brilliant diamond, resulting in a captivating and unique aesthetic.


Featuring a square shape with square cut corners, the Asscher cut diamond maximises its sparkle through steeper facets and a deep crown, offering a distinct and mesmerising look.


Known for providing the largest surface area among diamond shapes, the Marquise cut creates an illusion of a larger stone for its carat weight. With its contemporary style, this shape offers a distinct and eye-catching look.


Featuring a triangular silhouette with equal sides, the Trillion, or Trilliant, shape boasts a geometrical aesthetic that adds a unique touch to any engagement ring design.


With its simple and elegant appearance, the Baguette shape is characterised by its long rectangular silhouette and minimal 14 facets. Often used as accent stones, Baguette diamonds play a supporting role in enhancing the overall design of engagement rings.


The Heart shape is the epitome of love and romance, with its iconic and recognisable silhouette representing deep emotional connection and affection.


With its elegant rectangular shape, the Emerald cut is a flattering choice for various finger shapes. The shallow facets of this shape emphasise a diamond's clarity and colour, making it an excellent option for higher quality stones.


Also known as the Teardrop, the Pear shape combines characteristics of the Brilliant and Marquise cuts. Its elongated form offers a unique and stunning appearance, complementing different finger shapes.

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