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Amethyst Rings

With a vast array of purple hues, from shimmering shades of violet to deep, rich indigo, amethyst is a highly sought after gemstone around the world thanks to its alluring beauty.

Amethyst jewellery is regarded as a collector’s piece with a deeper meaning as a symbol of calm and serenity: Da Vinci once claimed that amethyst would even quicken intelligence and rid the wearer of evil thoughts.

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    Sterling Silver Amethyst and Rose Quartz Double Stone Marquise Ring
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    Sterling Silver Amethyst Marquise Ring

Amethyst Jewellery

Where in the past only royals were permitted to adorn their outfits with this prized purple stone, today amethyst is a staple amongst jewellery lovers who appreciate its many varied hues, from lavender and lilac to flashes of deep red.

This precious stone is renowned as the birthstone for February, meaning that amethyst necklaces or amethyst earrings make an excellent birthday gift for a special friend or family member. An amethyst necklace makes the perfect accessory year round, whether that’s a bold teardrop pendant set against sterling silver, or a more minimalist stone twisted in gold. For an extraordinary February engagement, amethyst rings are ideal; St. Valentine was said to wear a golden amethyst ring, and in eras gone by, lovers would exchange amethyst jewellery to ensure good fortune and happiness throughout their lives.

At the Yorkshire Jewellery Company, we select the finest pieces of dazzling amethyst for our collection, and we do not compromise on quality. Whether you’re looking for a vampy accessory for a breathtaking outfit or a dainty pendant, browse our collection and you won’t be disappointed.

Shop our wide collection of stunning and timeless amethyst jewellery at the Yorkshire Jewellery Company today for the perfect gift for a loved one and a piece of history and folklore from days gone by.

What is amethyst?

Amethyst is a strong and durable stone composed of quartz, but unlike any other. The stunning purple hues of amethyst are a result of hundreds of thousands or even millions of years of compression with natural irradiation and imperfections. This stunning stone is often found as part of a magnificent geode cathedral, formed in a bubble of volcanic lava among existing rock layers then crystallised as it cools to form the sparkling gem we know and love. Most amethyst geodes are found in South America - Brazil, Uruguay and Mexico - but they have been discovered as far afield as Siberia and Sri Lanka.

Amethyst has an incredible history as a precious stone that dates back through the centuries. Taking its name from the Greek “not intoxicated”, Ancient Greek hosts carved chalices from this hardy material in order to disguise the liquid within, meaning they could remain sober while their guests became slowly more intoxicated with wine. For this reason, and the folklore associated with the Greek god Dionysus weeping tears of wine which stained a quartz statue purple, amethyst is associated with having a clear mind.