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Amber Rings

Though the trees that produced the sap that now forms these beautiful stones are now long extinct, their tradition lives on as here at the Yorkshire Jewellery Company; our range of Amber Jewellery complements the stone’s natural beauty. From simple sparkling amber pendants on dainty necklace chains to designs inspired by the nature from which amber comes, including our unique Tree of Life pendants, amber stones alongside twisted celtic knots, and glimmering amber entwined in the legs of a spider. It is the minimalist pieces however where amber really comes into its own, allowed to shine on its own set against Sterling Silver. You’re bound to find a piece of amber jewellery to suit any style at the Yorkshire Jewellery Company.

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    Sterling Silver Amber Marquise Celtic Ring
  • Sterling Silver Whitby Jet and Cognac Amber Ring

Mined and collected from only the most reliable and trusted deposits in the Baltic, our amber jewellery is highly prized for its warm and fiery glow. Owning a piece of amber jewellery means owning an incredible piece of natural history that can add that something special to your outfits every day.

What is Amber?

Amber is a beautiful and highly praised gemstone with a unique twist - it’s not really a stone at all, rather the fossilised resin of ancient pine trees dating back up to 320 million years. Even the youngest piece of amber is over 100,000 years old! The history of this precious jewel is vast - it has been used in Ancient Greece, China and more across the millennia.

Though it technically isn’t a stone, thanks to hundreds of thousands of years of compression, the sap oozed from these trees becomes solid and resistant to any and all external conditions that would otherwise disintegrate it, forming amber in its raw form. When polished, this durable stone has a stunning shine and an intense warm glow that emanates from its heart.

In the past, amber has been regarded as having magical properties such as the ability to heal ailments, attract good luck and clear the mind, and superstition even says that it can help wearers retain their youthful appearance.

The most astonishing aspect of amber jewellery, however, is the potential for rare and one of a kind finds. As amber formed, it captured in its sticky flow everything from tiny mosquitoes and spiders to lizards and even preserved dinosaur feathers.

Amber Jewellery

While preserved articles are exceptionally rare in amber jewellery - many of these stones are found in museums - amber is renowned for being highly unique. No one amber stone is like any other. It is usually considered to be a gentle glowing orange colour with a certain clarity, however the stone is also found in a variety of hues, from stark white through bright citrus yellow, right the way through darker burnt orange and brown shades. Some stones are opaque; others are brilliantly clear; and some even have unique organic explosions within due to the heat and pressure they have been subjected to over time. All this results in a piece of jewellery that will stand out from the crowd and captivate its wearers.

We do not compromise on craftsmanship or quality in our amber jewellery. Thoughtful design and careful finish come together to create amber necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings that are exquisite and charming. Our unique Amber jewellery is suitable for everyday wear and is an accessory that is as timeless as it is beautiful.

Shop amber jewellery at the Yorkshire Jewellery Company today to own your own piece of ancient history to be treasured for years to come with a contemporary twist for the modern woman.