Whitby Jet Earrings

From the shores of the stunning North Yorkshire coastline, Whitby Jet is a gemstone renowned for its rich hue and a deep black lustre that shines brilliantly when polished. Beloved through the centuries, Whitby Jet jewellery has turned heads when worn by royalty, adorning rings, earrings, pendants and more. This alluring stone is still used today in jewellery, set against Sterling Silver to highlight its unique beauty.

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Whitby Jet Jewellery

Here at the Yorkshire Jewellery Company, we source our very own genuine Whitby Jet from the shores of the coastal towns of North Yorkshire. Each piece is handcrafted in our own workshops with unrivalled craftsmanship. We place pride and passion into every piece of jewellery that comes through our workshop, whether that’s to create a dazzling Whitby Jet pendant, a glamorous pair of Whitby Jet earrings, or even that something special - a Whitby Jet ring. A huge advantage of Whitby Jet is how lightweight it is; when set in Sterling Silver, Whitby Jet pendants are exceptionally comfortable and can withstand daily wear.

In keeping with this seaside town’s heritage, and as a testament to its rich history, our pieces of jewellery are often used as part of breathtaking outfits for Whitby’s very own Goth Weekends as well as unique pieces to be used as keepsakes and heirlooms.

Shop nostalgic and timeless Whitby black jet at the Yorkshire Jewellery Company today for a piece of history that hearkens back to the town’s rich and varied history.

What is Whitby Jet?

Jet has an interesting history that extends back millions of years, but a history unlike any other precious jewel. Once upon a time, the stunning Whitby Jet ring you wear on your finger was part of a tree similar to the modern day Monkey Puzzle. Years upon years of water and sediment compacted above and around the fossilised remains of this tree until it formed the whitby jet for sale that you know and love today.

While this precious gemstone can be found around the world, the home of the truest and most durable black jet is Whitby; Whitby Jet necklaces, pendants and bracelets all have a rich heritage as a part of a quintessentially British seaside resort. Jet mines that date back to the Victorian era can be found across the North Yorkshire Moors and along Whitby’s coastline. The biggest benefit of Whitby jet over the pieces found elsewhere is that it is strong and hardy, unlikely to crack or lose its shine over time. A Whitby Jet necklace might be decadently vampy in design; a pair of Whitby Jet earrings could be dainty yet captivating. But the one thing that can be agreed upon about Whitby black jet is that it is always exquisite.