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Hallmarking Guide

Are you considering making your next jewellery purchase from us? At Yorkshire Jewellery Company we take great pride in ensuring that industry standards are met for the hallmarking process. This allows our customers to shop both online and in-store with confidence and reassurance that they are purchasing the correct purity of precious metals.

It is illegal for any business or trader to sell or describe a precious metal as gold, silver or platinum unless it is hallmarked.

The Hallmarking Act (1973) by law states that subject to certain exemptions it is an offence for any person in the course of trade or business to:

* apply to an unhallmarked article a description indicating that it is wholly or partially made of gold, silver or platinum.

* supply or offer to supply an unhallmarked article to which such a description is applied.

For more detailed information regarding precious metal hallmarking please visit www.theassayoffice.co.uk

In compliance with the Hallmarking Act (1973)

- At Yorkshire Jewellery Company, we hallmark all items of Silver over 7.78g, 1g In Gold & 0.5g for Platinum & Palladium in weight to comply with these standards.

Yorkshire Jewellery Company | Goldsmiths Hall

Origin Of Hallmarking

The concept of hallmarking itself dates back to nearly 400 AD and was discovered on silver objects in Byzantine. Hallmarking, especially with regards to silver, diamonds, gold, and platinum, wasn’t initiated until the 1300s in the UK.

History has revealed that King Edward I put a law, or statute, in place that required the testing of all silver items to ensure they met the proper standards. He then designated several expert jewellers of the time, also referred to as guardians of the craft, that were responsible for testing the silver to verify a 92.5 pure silver content. Once this percentage had been verified, the item would be marked with a stamp depicting the head of a leopard.

King Edward III followed suit in 1327 by granting a royal charter to the Goldsmith’s Company, formally known as the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths. During these times, a royal charter was required before a group could officially be considered a company. The company was centrally run out of Goldsmith’s Hall in London.

It is said that this location is where the term ‘hallmark’ originated from. The term hallmark, however, was not officially recorded until 1721 and didn’t truly gain popularity until 1864 when it became an official denotation of quality.

Who Provides The Hallmarking Service?

Any items that require hallmarking must be carried out by the Assay Office. There are 4 registered offices based in the UK. London, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Sheffield.

Yorkshire Jewellery Company is registered with the Sheffield Assay Office.

On each item of silver and gold at least one or all of the following hallmarks can be found:

Sponsor's Mark

This shows the company responsible for submitting the article to the Assay Office. The sponsor may be the manufacturer, retailer, importer etc. 

Assay Office Mark

The Yorkshire Rose symbol tells you that the Sheffield Assay Office has tested and hallmarked the article. 

All silver articles sold by Yorkshire Jewellery Company over 7.78g in weight are hallmarked at The Assay Office in Sheffield and each article carries the Yorkshire Rose mark. 

Standard (fineness) Mark

The standard mark shows the standard of fineness - the purity - of the precious metal in parts per thousand. For example, Sterling Silver is 925 parts per 1000 by weight and 9ct Gold is 375 parts per 1000 by weight

All silver used by Yorkshire Jewellery Company has a fineness of 925 (parts in 1000) and is sold as 925 Sterling Silver (guaranteed).

The UK is required to accept other national hallmarks, for which there are 23 countries whose hallmarks are deemed equivalent to those of the UK. The British Hallmarking Council produced the full list online can be seen here.

Yorkshire Jewellery Company Key

Our Dealers Notice

In Accordance with the Hallmarking Act 1973, a notice approved by the British Hallmarking Council Must be displayed by any person or business dealing with precious metals. Our dealers notice can be viewed HERE.

Should you have any questions regarding hallmarking please feel free to contact us at sales@yorkshirejewellerycompany.co.uk or call us on +44 1287 624459.


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